Strip Truss concept – Material Tests

Shown here are photographs of the material testing exercise for the Strip-Truss concept.

The exercise was carried out in the following stages …

Splitting the bamboo – manually using basic tools like the dow and hatchet

Straightening the splits – manually by applying heat

Thinning the straight splits – manually using dow / hatchet

Bending – manually by applying heat and bending along a profile or a jig – we experienced casualties in this process initially, first applying heat and then pressure – this often causes the bamboo strips to crack and eventually break.

Bending – manually by applying heat – this time around we performed the bending differently – applying heat and pressure simultaneously.

Strip-Truss mock up – This was a quick attempt to mock up one strip-truss module


New Concepts – Strips and Truss – Models

The 3D models shown here demonstrate the various ways in which to assemble the Strip-Truss furniture, using variable numbers of the Strip-arches and orientation of the Truss-frame (The strip-truss module)

New Concepts – Strips and Truss – Sketches

Shown here are sketches of the new Strips and Truss concept.

The attempt here is to create a knock-down module (single unit), which can be used to assemble seating furniture, variable in seating capacity and maybe even form.

Initial concepts

This is the first round of concepts generated for knock down furniture using bamboo.

These designs are elementary – an attempt to incorporate a ‘knock-down’ quality at a very basic level.

Some haveĀ  yet to be knocked-down.

Joints and joinery have not been detailed here.

Taking bamboo beyond…

Bamboo Furniture Workshop – NID

Through the month of July, I acquainted myself with a Knock-down furniture workshop held at the National Institute of Design (NID), R&D Campus, Bangalore, as part of my research for the Knock it Down Project.

This workshop included other designers and traditional bamboo artisans from Gangtok, Sikkim.

Shown here are photographs of various joints and joinery developed during the workshop.

The prototypes of the Knock It Down project will use this material as reference for prototype construction…

Internship at The Center for Bamboo Research, Auroville

In the summer of 2010, I took up an internship at the Center for Bamboo Research, Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

During this period I participated in an exercise for designing public furniture, in bamboo, for the Podicherry marine drive.

The designs incorporate bamboo as the primary material, in some cases used in tandem with ferrocement.

Shown here are the concepts generated during this exercise –

Gallery will be updated shortly, with photographs of the finished prototype…